C-Login WordPress plugin allows you to customize the login and register section of Wordpress.Thanks to this plugin, you can replace the WordPress logo, set a background image or background slideshow and much more.

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#include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> #include<alloc.h> #include<string.h> struct std { char name[50]; char city[50]; char sub[50]; int marks; long int roll; struct std *link; }*start=NULL,*tmp,*ptr; void main() { int ch; clrscr(); while(ch!=3) { printf("\nEnter your choice"); printf("\n****MENU****"); printf("\n1.create"); printf("\n2.display"); printf("\n3.exit\n"); scanf("%d",&ch); switch (ch) { case 1: record(); break; case 2: display(); break; case 3: exit(); break; default: printf("wrong choice"); } } getch(); } record() { char nam[50],cit[50],subj[30]; tmp=(struct std*)malloc(sizeof(struct std)); printf("\nEnter Student name:" ); fflush(stdin); gets(nam); strcpy(tmp->name, nam); printf("\nEnter subject of student: "); fflush(stdin); gets(subj); strcpy(tmp->sub, subj); printf("\nEnter City of student: "); fflush(stdin); gets(cit); strcpy(tmp->city, cit); printf("\nEnter Marks of Student: "); scanf("%d",&(tmp->marks)); printf("\nEnter Roll Number of Student: "); scanf("%ld", &(tmp->roll)); fflush(stdin); tmp->link=NULL; if(start==NULL) { start=tmp; } else { ptr=start; while(ptr!=NULL) { ptr=ptr->link; ptr->link=tmp; }} } display() { if(start==NULL) { printf("list empty\n"); } else { ptr=start; while(ptr!=NULL) { printf("Name of the student: "); puts(tmp->name); printf("subject of Student: "); puts(tmp->sub); printf("city of student: ") ; puts(tmp->city); printf("marks of student: %d\nRoll No of student: %ld",(tmp->marks),(tmp->roll)); ptr=ptr->link; } } }




Log in program




I have two programs of 'c' 1st is student management system program and 2nd is login program, i am having a trouble in merging both program together i want to authenticate my "student management program" with my "Log in program" they are not running together giving many errors so please help me.


#include<conio.h> #include<stdio.h> #include<string.h> void main() { char userid[]="uim",password[]="123",p[15],u[15]; int n=1,a,b; printf("\nEnter USER ID and PASSWORD below (You have only three chances to enter)"); getch(); while(n<=3) { clrscr(); printf("\nUSER ID: "); scanf("%s",u); printf("\nPASSWORD: "); scanf("%s",p); a=strcmp(u,userid); b=strcmp(p,password); if(a==0&&b==0) { printf("\nYou have logged in successfully."); break; } else { printf("\nWrong PASSWORD and/or USER ID. Now you have % d more chance/s.",3-n); } getch(); n++; } if(n==4) printf("\nYou can't log in."); getch(); }




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